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Empowering communities with low-cost, sustainable agricultural techniques that improve soil quality and boost crop yields

Who we are

Lifeworks provides training to empower small-scale farmers to achieve resilience and sustainability through simple solutions using readily available materials.

After 10 years in the field, our methods have evolved, improving our impact. Now, our cascade training model costs $1 per farmer – and doubles their yield and income.

We work with established partners running projects in farming communities. We are looking to spread our work further and are actively seeking partners and funders. Please contact us to explore how we can work together. 

African farmer tending some crops

What we do

There is a growing body of evidence into the power of microbial technology. Drawing on this, Lifeworks has created a training programme to deliver lasting change.

Empower: Lifeworks trains trainers – groups of people well placed to train farmers: agronomists, programme officers working for NGOs, leaders of farmers’ unions, and others supporting farming communities. 

Embed:  Our training covers production and use of microbial inputs, project management and implementation, and monitoring and evaluation. This means trainers can successfully embed the techniques in the farming communities they support. We provide on going support and guidance to those we train.

Why we do it

Our work is more urgent than ever as the growing impact of soil degradation and climate change affect the lives of millions, with the poorest being hit the hardest.

Farmers using our techniques are reporting significant increases in crop yield – between 50% and 150% – and reduced spending on commercial fertilisers. Small-scale livestock and poultry farmers also benefit from better animal health and higher prices at market.

Cracked and degraded soil
A pile of corn cobs


people worldwide are affected by malnutrition

10 million

hectares of farmland are lost each year to soil erosion


of the world’s agricultural land is managed by small-scale farmers

Transforming the soil

Microbial science is revolutionising farming. Research has shown that natural preparations made with readily available materials can transform soil health, boost crop yields and strengthen plants’ resistance to disease and pests.

Soils degraded by poor farming practice and overuse of fertilisers and pesticides can be restored by applying organic compost and supplements rich in lactobacillus and other beneficial microorganisms.

Lifeworks’ training shows farmers how to prepare a range of low cost microbial products for improving agriculture.

Transforming the soil through microbial science

Latest Trainings

Here are some recent examples of  training provided by Lifeworks Global to our partner organisations in sub Saharan Africa.

Training Agriterra cocoa cooperatives in Ghana

In April 2022, Lifeworks delivered a three-day training on behalf of Agriterra in Techiman, Ghana for representatives of five cocoa cooperatives that cover multiple regions across Ghana. Agriterra is an international specialist in cooperative development that works with cooperatives to create farmer-led businesses and improve extension services among their members.

Training Forest and Farm Producers in Ghana

In April 2022, Lifeworks Global trained representatives of 11 Forest and Farm Producer Organizations from different agroecological zones in Ghana. All the organisations are members of the Ghana Federation of Forest and Farm Producers (GhaFFaP), which is a partner of the Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO, a UN body) and is supported by the Forest and Farm Facility, a global partnership.

Training CARITAS parish representatives in Kenya

In March 2023, Lifeworks trained representatives of 20 parishes within the Kakamega district of Kenya, teaching them how to make and apply microbial fertiliser. The group was assembled by CARITAS Kakamega. Since the initial training, one parish has recruited over 100 farmers to conduct dissemination trainings and establish demonstration plots in time for the planting season.

PIDACC Project: Train the trainer workshops in Benin

In May 2023, Lifeworks delivered train-the-trainer workshops in Benin to 60 producer cooperatives as part of a developing partnership with through the Programme for Integrated Development and Climate Change Adaption in the Niger Basin (PIDACC), an African Development Bank project.

Training NGOs in Western Kenya

In March 2023, Lifeworks Global conducted several trainings with groups from three organisations based in Western Kenya. Lifeworks trained attendees how to make and apply a range of organic fertilisers made from low-cost ingredients. Each training consisted of 20 participants with the goal of each trainee recruiting 7-10 farmers for further trainings.

Our Impact

Over the last 10 years, we have supported farmers in Rwanda, Zambia, Kenya, Benin and India with very positive results. In 2021 we are training in six more African countries. We have developed close relationships with government ministries, NGOs, and regional and international bodies, including the World Bank and Anglican dioceses. Our model of training trainers means that thousands of small-scale farmers have now been helped to improve their soil, increase their yields and sustain their communities.

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Our Partners

We work alongside a variety of partner organisations, both funders and project organisers, as well as agricultural research establishments.

Lifeworks Partners