Who We Are

Lifeworks Global is a UK charity seeking to transform the lives of farmers and communities in developing countries through knowledge-transfer and partnerships.

We provide free training in low-cost techniques for improving soil quality, boosting crop yields, and impacting livestock health.

Our aim is to empower small farmers to achieve resilience and sustainability through simple solutions using readily available materials.

We work with the farmers we train to embed the learning and support them to train others, building enduring partnerships and communities of practice.

In countries around the world these farming methods are increasing crop yields and farmers’ incomes in a short space of time.

Our work is more urgent than ever as the growing impact of soil degradation and climate change affect the lives of millions, with the poorest being hit the hardest. Please contact us to explore how we can work together.

What We Do

We work with established partners running or funding projects in farming communities who share our values and who aim to cultivate community empowerment.

Over the last 10 years, we have supported farmers in Rwanda, Kenya, India and Ethiopia with very positive results.

We are looking to spread our work to still more communities and Lifeworks is actively seeking partners and funders.

Lifeworks Global funds the initial training in sustainable farming techniques – based on a growing body of practice and research evidence. . We always start with a consultation to understand each community’s needs.

Our proven model includes on-going support for those we train so that new methods are embedded and sustained.

The farmers trained by Lifeworks are then funded and supported to travel to nearby communities and train other farmers – in this way, the learning ripples out and we scale up the impact.

Our Partners include…

Empowering Communities

The Lifeworks Global solution brings together the best in ethical business practices, environmental sustainability and humanitarian vision to meet this global need responsibly and effectively. Our solution directly improves soil health while providing a business model that addresses a community’s basic necessities, develops long-standing relationships of support free from dependancy as well as the need to increase income and build partnerships. They are empowered to secure a sustainable future free from dependencies on NGO’s, foreign aid or governance.