The Need

Realising the potential…

The Challenge: Barren Land

Soil fertility is critical to crop health and has been on the decline for decades. Much of the world’s soil has become devoid of the microorganisms essential in creating organic mineral complexes that make the soil ‘healthy’. Chemical fertiliser is not recommended. Harmful chemicals applied to the soil, including pesticides, herbicides and ammonium-based fertilizers, as well as damaging agriculture practices like cash crop farming, monocropping, intensive ploughing, and the introduction of genetically modified organisms (GMO’s), have all played their part in the soil’s destruction.

Commercial fertilisers no longer provide a viable solution to bringing the soil back to health. With natural sources of phosphorous being depleted, the cost of its production becomes unaffordable to those who need it most alongside not providing vital nutrition for the soil to replenish.

The Solution: A Multi-tiered Approach

It is now possible to bring the soil back to health in a natural way and on a global scale. Lifeworks Global works with local partners to provide investment, training and 21st Century technology based on microbial technology, to communities in need. We provide business knowledge, long term partnerships and support in quality control programs, to regenerate local economies.

Key benefits:

  • The soil is continuously brought back to critic health.
  • Products are created and then provided at negligible cost.
  • Crop yield is significantly increased in quantity and quality.
  • Training and future production costs are kept low.
  • A business model is generated that strengthens, empowers and develops each and every community that uses it without creating dependency on foreign aid.

Lifeworks Global offers proven solutions with a global remit. Below is an example of one of the countries we are currently operating in.

Through our partner organisation, SCAD (Social Change and Development), we are currently rolling out a ‘Greening the Land’ program, conducting agricultural trials in 500 villages in Southern India.


See how the Lifeworks Global Solution is making a difference to lives in Rwanda, Africa.

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SCAD:Greening the Land

See how our partners SCAD are using this solution to green the land in over 500 villages…

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See how our friends at SEKEM have undergone drastic changes to the greening of their land.

The Future: Environmental & Economic Stability

The Lifeworks Global solution brings together the best in ethical business practices, environmental sustainability and humanitarian vision to meet this global need responsibly and effectively. Our solution directly improves soil health while providing a business model that addresses a community’s basic necessities, develops long-standing relationships of support free from dependancy as well as the need to increase income and build partnerships. They are empowered to secure a sustainable future free from dependencies on NGO’s, foreign aid or governance.