1. We fund initial training

  • Set up demonstraton plots for proof of concept
  • Identify and select individuals to become trainers and disseminators

2. 2nd Level Training (after 18 days). Get included on projects

3. Farm Genie

Our new advisory, monitoring and data-gathering tool works at all levels of a project from farmers to project funders, via local hubs, agronomists etc.  Genie runs on laptops and mobile phones.

  • Offers farmers personalised best-practice advice, timely reminders of what to do, when, for their crops, with their soil condition, in their language and at their level of literacy
  • gives project co-ordinators and agronomists data and feedback that will free them from form-filling bureaucracy, providing them with an immediate feedback loop and allowing them to be more responsive as problems arise

4. On-going support

  • establishing hubs and networks
  • web-based and social media support
  • quality control and assurance
  • monitoring and evaluation