About Lifeworks Global

Building on our history

Lifeworks Global, originally known as Lifeworks Foundation, was created to research and promote effective solutions to pressing environmental and social issues. Paul Manweiler founded the organisation in 2008, and he has been its sole funder since inception. However, to fully realise its vision and affect positive change on a global scale, the organisation is now seeking additional funding sources to expand its reach and service.

Paul Manweiler, Founder & CEO of Lifeworks Global

Paul Manweiler, Founder

Paul founded Lifeworks Global in 2008 to help fulfill his vision of harnessing new technologies to help the world’s poorest communities.

He was born in Dublin in 1950 and has had a successful international career as a project manager, developer and entrepreneur.

After co-founding one of the largest global Systems, Applications and Products (SAP) companies in the 1990s, he left to dedicate his energies and resources to social, spiritual and community causes.

Prean Naidoo, Lead Trainer

Originally from South Africa, Prean has spent much of his professional life in education before becoming involved in start-ups and business consultancy.

He has been with Lifeworks Global since 2016 and has helped shape the content and delivery of Lifeworks training programme, along with developing its overall growth strategy.

His key skill is training development, and his interpersonal skills have contributed to the success of the rollout of our programme. He lives in Wales and London when he is not working in the field in Africa.

Prian Naidoo, Lead Trainer at Lifeworks Global