About Lifeworks Global

Building on our history

Lifeworks Global, originally known as Lifeworks Foundation, was created to research and promote effective solutions to pressing environmental and social issues. Paul Manweiler founded the organisation in 2008, and he has been its sole funder since inception. However, to fully realise its vision and affect positive change on a global scale, the organisation is now seeking additional funding sources to expand its reach and service.

Paul Manweiler, Founder & CEO of Lifeworks Global

Paul Manweiler, Founder

Paul founded Lifeworks Global in 2008 to help fulfill his vision of harnessing new technologies to help the world’s poorest communities.

He was born in Dublin in 1950 and has had a successful international career as a project manager, developer and entrepreneur.

After co-founding one of the largest global Systems, Applications and Products (SAP) companies in the 1990s, he left to dedicate his energies and resources to social, spiritual and community causes.

Paul Manweiler, Founder & CEO of Lifeworks Global

Michael Makokha, Chief Technology Officer

Michael is an agricultural and environmental planning and natural resources management   economist, with over 30 years of experience. He has worked on a broad range of agricultural projects and programmes spanning soil fertility, farming practice, forestry, and animal husbandry. His PhD research, at Kenyatta University, focused on the impact on soil carbon sequestration of smallholder farming practices in Kenya’s central highlands. He is an expert in agribusiness value chain development, in modelling climate change impacts on agriculture, and in carbon dynamics in natural and managed ecosystems. He has worked on many programmes for the Kenyan government, as well as projects funded by international donors and non-governmental. He has a Masters in Agricultural Resources Management Economics and a B.Sc. in Agricultural Marketing.

Paul Manweiler, Founder & CEO of Lifeworks Global

Nandi Mkhize, Projects Officer

Nandi Mkhize has joined Lifeworks Global as Projects Officer. She has a background environmental initiatives: she worked as a researcher and project officer with ClientEarth, a charity that advocates for strong environmental laws and policies; before that she worked in industry and the urban development sector on implementing sustainable practices.

Nandi has an MSc from the London School of Economics and Political Science in environmental policy and regulation. Nandi is passionately committed to promoting sustainable agricultural practices that benefit local communities affected by climate change. She is currently based in Ghana.

Paul Manweiler, Founder & CEO of Lifeworks Global

George Mwima, Trainer

George Mwima is a university lecturer and project manager for the Anglican Development Service in the Kakamega province of Western Kenya. For the last 12 years he has worked in community development, particularly on programmes focusing on agriculture, food security and environmental sustainability.

In 2019, George was trained by Lifeworks. He went on to test the use of microbial inputs on his own farm and, after seeing the results, he started to train five groups of farmers, part of a Soil Rehabilitation and Fertility Management group he supports.

Paul Manweiler, Founder & CEO of Lifeworks Global

Parfait Ganhoun, Trainer

Parfait Ganhoun has worked as a consultant and trainer in organic agriculture and soil fertility for several years. In 2020 he participated in a Lifeworks Global training in Benin under the auspices of IITA, the International Institute of Tropical Agriculture. The following year, he began to give trainings in the production and application of LWG’s microbial technologies for Lifeworks Global in Francophone west Africa.

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