Videos, reports and materials that explain what we do and the impact it has

All about Lifeworks

Lifeworks training transforms lives. These resources will give you all the key facts about Lifeworks and how we spread life-changing knowledge to subsistence farmers in sub-Saharan Africa and beyond.

An Introduction to Lifeworks

This introductory video shows the impact of our training on the life of Clementine, a subsistence farmer from Rwanda.

About Lifeworks – a 2 page introduction

This two-pager tells you all the key facts about Lifeworks.

Lifeworks – ‘how we work’ presentation

This short presentation explains what we do, why we do it and how we cascade our training and reach thousands of subsistence farmers.

‘How to’ videos

In these videos, we show you how to make four very powerful microbial preparations – using cheap, everyday ingredients – to boost soil fertility and increase crop yields.

Lab Serum or ‘Milk’ Fertilizer

How to make and use a fermented Lactobacillus fertiliser known as ‘milk fertiliser’ or lab serum.

Fish Hydrosylate

How to make and use a fermented fertiliser known as fish hydrolysate.

Cow Fertilizer

How to make and use a fermented fertiliser known as ‘cow fertiliser’ made from cow dung and urine.

18 Day Compost

How to make and use a rich compost in just 18 days using the ‘hot composting’ method developed by the University of California, Berkeley.

Evidence of impact

There’s a growing body of evidence supporting the use of microbial solutions in agriculture – and other sectors.

The Microbial Revolution 

An evidence paper created by Lifeworks summarising evidence that microbial fertilisers have a range of proven benefits.

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