SCAD & Lifeworks Global Partnership

During 2008 – 2009 Lifeworks Global successfully raised funds for Social Change and Development (SCAD), a non-profit non-governmental organisation in Tamil Nadu, Southern India, to help launch and support exciting community projects.

In collaboration with SCAD’s College of Agriculture (KVK), Lifeworks Global carried out Microbial Science soil testing and analysis which has been introduced into the farming community, demonstrating significantly increased crop yields.

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Greening the Land

With the help of Lifeworks Global, SCAD are currently implementing a plan to roll out the Lifeworks Sustainable Agriculture Programme to over 550 villages using the sustainable business model.

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Support SCAD

SCAD are still suffering from a serious shortfall in financial support. With your help, they will be able to support more communities, more families and more projects to reach the areas of most need.

Pledge your support to SCAD today, and make a difference to someone’s life, forever.

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Future Proofing

In 2009 Lifeworks Global gave business consultancy advice to SCAD on organisational change and efficiency, allowing them to reach out to 100 more villages.  The partnership has helped implement a benefits, measurements and feedback system to enable them to meet the requirements of donors and aid agencies.

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