Who We Are

Lifeworks Global  is a UK not-for-profit organisation delivering innovative solutions in agriculture through knowledge transfer and partnerships.

Our aim is to empower communities to achieve resilience and sustainability through basic solutions that are free, natural and that they can maintain themselves.

Around the world these solutions are demonstrating compelling increases in yield and farmers’ incomes in a short space of time.

We work with established partners on the ground who share our principles for cultivating communities’ empowerment.

Over the last 10 years, we have worked with local, national and international agencies to deliver these solutions in a number of countries.

Our Mission

Restore the natural health of the soil with large scale natural solutions to reduce poverty, generate commerce, improve domestic economies, generate wealth, reduce dependency, improve food security and generating exports.

Our mission is to offer digital solutions at all levels of projects.  This includes an advisory service for farmers informing them of best practice tips specific to their crop and soil, with tailored day to day and week to week recommendations.  These solutions need to include monitoring and evaluation necessary on all funded projects.  

Our Partners include…

Our Vision

The Lifeworks Global solution brings together the best in ethical business practices, environmental sustainability and humanitarian vision to meet this global need responsibly and effectively. Our solution directly improves soil health while providing a business model that addresses a community’s basic necessities, develops long-standing relationships of support free from dependancy as well as the need to increase income and build partnerships. They are empowered to secure a sustainable future free from dependencies on NGO’s, foreign aid or governance.