Who We Are
Lifeworks Global is a not for profit organisation working alongside grassroots organisations in developing countries to build and strengthen sustainable communities through innovative projects and support programs.How We Work
We approach people on the ground to assess local needs and then connect solutions and partners together to enable long term relationships.

The solutions we apply are based on extensive research and are tried and tested. Currently, Lifeworks Global is focusing on developments in the areas of Microbial Technology, Water Filtration Systems and the introduction of natural farming practices into learning systems across the UK.


  • To have integrity in our solutions
  • To strive for excellence in all we do
  • To continually source solutions that benefit humanity with an ultimate aim of helping to end world poverty
  • To establish and develop sustainable partnerships
  • To make knowledge and know-how accessible to all
  • To empower communities around the world to become self-sustainable

Some of our achievements:


Lifeworks Global has commissioned and produced professional short films, to champion microbial farming and distribute them to agricultural institutions around the world.Please visit the Lifeworks Global YouTube Channel to watch these videos.


During 2008 – 2009 Lifeworks Global successfully raised funds for Social Change and Development (SCAD), a non-profit non-governmental organisation in Tamil Nadu, Southern India, to help launch and support exciting community projects.

Given the serious shortfall in support for SCAD, Lifeworks Global are still proactively raising funds for a wide selection of ongoing projects.

In collaboration with SCAD’s College of Agriculture (KVK), Lifeworks Global carried out Microbial Science soil testing and analysis which has been introduced into the farming community, demonstrating significantly increased crop yields.

Currently SCAD are implementing a plan to roll out a microbial application to 550 villages using a sustainable business model.

In 2009 Lifeworks Global gave business consultancy advice to SCAD on organisational change and efficiency, this has enabled them to reach out to 100 more villages.

In addition, Lifeworks Global has implemented a benefits, measurements and feedback system to enable them to meet the requirements of donors and aid agencies.

To learn more about the wonderful work SCAD do, please visit their website by clicking here.


Lifeworks Global completed feasibility studies in partnership with the Amhara Development Association (ADA), and committed to delivering Grifaid® Family and Community Water Filters.

In addition, Lifeworks Global assisted in shaping a study for community buildings and drinking water for schools and villages.

Further information on the Grifaid® Water Filters, and how you can offer your support can be found on the Grifaid® website by clicking here.


Lifeworks Global has extended its Microbial Science Program into Rwanda and have been invited to extend trials to partners on the ground to help the Rwandan Government achieve Rwanda Vision 2020. Agronomists are currently undertaking 6 months training and early trials are demonstrating an incredible 200% increase in crop yield. Work is ongoing with trained agronomists and the Ministry of Agriculture to roll this program out to the rest of the Country.