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RHS Chelsea 2016

We can now bring the soil back to health in a natural way.

Award winning landscape and garden designer Thomas Hoblyn worked in collaboration with Lifeworks Global to bring a Tamil Nadu inspired kitchen garden to the Discovery Zone at RHS Chelsea this May.

Paul Manweiller, Founder of Lifeworks Global said: “The Lifeworks Global Garden is a powerful demonstration of how simple, organic principles, natural farming methods and low-cost water filtering systems can have a dramatic effect on the Tamil Nadu region. By providing local communities with seeds, basic tools and knowledge of organic techniques for growing their own food, enriching the soil and filtering water we can empower them to really transform their lives.  It is a sustainable solution that is working for both the community and the environment with results showing increased crop yields and quality and reduced costs, water use and pollution.”

These are exciting solutions that we want to make available on a large scale.

Kitchen Garden Plants

The kitchen garden was planted with traditional crops such as chilies, ginger and tomatoes all designed to champion the natural and nourishing alternatives to current farming methods that have dominated the province and depleted the land in recent years.


Sustainable Agriculture

The towering sugar palm and the lofty Jasmine and Mango trees indicate the importance of introducing new trees to the region to provide shade, encourage rainfall and improve the micro-climate of the area.

The planting is teeming from within the frame to symbolise that the regeneration of the area and the surrounding micro-climate comes from the people within the home.

The health of the soil in developing countries is an increasing important focus of the work we do. Many communities remain in poverty due to depleted soil health and it is an area where we feel there is real change to be made.

Medicinal Plants

In the garden you will see a great selection of fantastic looking gourds, including a dramatic snake gourd supported on vernacular style columns, sitting with many tropical fruits and vegetables such as banana, mango, ginger and papaya that are important for the region.


We have included plants that are grown not just in kitchen gardens but also in window boxes and small planters on balconies to demonstrate how people grow their food in the province.

Medicinal plants, such as ginger and cardamom are included within the garden for the healing properties. Such plants are heavily relied upon in this region and are typical of naturally grown plants in the area.

Support our Sustainable Projects

It is now possible to bring the soil back to health in a natural way and to make this available in many areas around the world, owing to the ever advancing research and development of Microbial Technology.

Lifeworks Global is committed to making these practices a reality in the areas where it is truly needed. Come and help us and be a part of the solution. We guarantee a minimum of 88% of all donations go directly to our projects.

Support Grifaid®

Grifaid® Water Filters are currently in use in more than 40 countries around the world, though the charity remains passionate to continue to provide filers to those in developing countries who are in desperate need of clean water solutions.

To support this wonderful charity, or to find our more about their work, please click on the button below.