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Solutions for a better world – Welcome to Lifeworks Global

Who We Are

Lifeworks Global is a UK-based not-for-profit charity dedicated to combining the best of humanitarian aspiration, cutting-edge science and ethical business practices to create a better world. We strengthen and benefit communities in a respectful and collaborative way, which fosters long-term relationships and self-sustainability.

Our Vision

To champion and deliver proven solutions to alleviate poverty, in partnership with effective organizations on the ground in areas of need. To find out how, click on the button below.

Our Mission

To bring the soil back to great health on a global scale in a new, exciting and natural way.

To meet this need, we have developed 21st century natural products that can be applied on a large scale by farmers. This begins the end of the cycle of poverty.

Science and Soil

Everyday international organisation release papers and articles on the benefits and developments in the field of microbial science and soils.

One of the most powerful of late is from Scientific America, validating the overwhelming importance and benefit of microbes in soils.

Did you see us at RHS Chelsea this year..?

Our presence at RHS Chelsea 2016 helped us to generate great interest in our work, with BBC coverage on how we are helping to bring the soil back to health in a natural and sustainable way. We now invite your support to ensure our work can continue to help generations to come.

Click here to see Tom Hoblyn’s interview with Nicky Champman on BBC 1

Follow the link here to view our designated webpage to our RHS Chelsea garden!

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